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She has represented employees of federal, state and local governments, universities, nursing homes, banks, nonprofit organizations, and large and small companies. She has also represented labor unions, including the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the United Paper Workers International Union, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the United Mine Workers of America, and the United Transportation Union.


She is a conscientious, careful and persistent attorney, who works hard to protect the rights of the individual. For example, she was recently successful in persuading a federal jury to find that the City of Watertown discriminated against her client, on the basis of both age and sex. In this case, a new supervisor suddenly terminated her client on a Friday afternoon, although the client had received outstanding performance evaluations. Neither the supervisor, nor the employer ever thought that they would have to explain their actions in a court of law. The City eventually paid more than $600,000.00 to Ms. Herzog, and her attorneys, after a jury dismissed as bogus, the City’s explanations for its actions.


Prior to establishing her own independent law office, Ms. Townsend, worked as a lawyer in Washington, D.C., including several years as an in house attorney for the United Mine Workers of America. She also trained and worked as a community organizer in Kansas City, Missouri.


Ms. Townsend graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism, and the Potomac School of Law in Washington D.C.. She is licensed to practice law in the states of Wisconsin, Maryland and Georgia, as well as the District of Columbia.


She has developed and presented training seminars designed to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. She writes the Annual Update on Unemployment Insurance Law, for the State Bar of Wisconsin. She speaks to legal and community organizations on employment law topics including, Nondiscriminatory Job Interviews; Sexual Harassment; Pay Equity; Drug and Alcohol Testing; The Americans with Disabilities Act; the Wisconsin Family and Medical Leave Act; How to pick a Jury and try an Employment Case in Less Than a Day, and Win.




Marilyn Townsend is an experienced attorney whose law practice is dedicated to helping working men and women address the wrongs they have suffered from employers, the government, and insurance companies.


She has extensive experience counseling clients with respect to issues arising under federal and state laws against employment discrimination, including sex, age and race discrimination, as well as the federal and state family medical leave acts, unemployment compensation laws, and the federal and state disability laws. She also provides advice on severance proposals, covenants not to compete, and how to respond to poor performance evaluations.

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